Honoring The Ireland Family

Faith and Hope
Artist: Frank Fleming

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“Faith and Hope”
By Frank Fleming
The Birmingham Zoo
Honoring: The Ireland Family
2005 Legacy of Leadership

The Ireland Family
2004 Legacy of Leadership

In 1916, Charles L. Ireland of Ohio purchased Birmingham Slag, the predecessor of Vulcan Materials Company and sent sons Glenn, Eugene and Barney Ireland to Birmingham to manage the business. Since that time, the involvement of the Ireland Family saw Vulcan grow from a small family business to one of America’s major corporations. The Irelands contributed to the growth of our nation by being a major supplier for Tennessee Valley Authority projects as well as providing construction materials for World War II efforts including Oak Ridge and Redstone Arsenal. In 1956, Birmingham Slag was renamed Vulcan Materials Company, which became the nation’s leading supplier of construction aggregate and instrumental in the improvement of our country’s highway systems, dams and other infrastructure projects. Vulcan Materials Company is also a leading manufacturer of chemicals serving water management and pulp and paper industries.

The Irelands are truly a family of vision, and their exceptional leadership has set a wonderful example for many. Throughout the years, the Ireland Family has been committed to their industry and to the betterment of the community through safety, health, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. This family’s civic engagement has benefited the people of Alabama tremendously. Community service has always been a priority for the Ireland Family with many members supporting countless philanthropic endeavors throughout the years. The Irelands are truly a family of vision, and their exceptional leadership has set an example for many.