Honoring John M Harbert, III

John M. Harbert, III
Artist: Brad Morton

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John Harbert III
By Brad Morton
Regions-Harbert Plaza
honoring: John M. Harbert III
1998 Legacy of Leadership

The sculpture of John Harbert III by renowned artist Brad Morton fittingly stands in front of the iconic Regions-Harbert Plaza building, which was built by Harbert Construction and bears his name. In one hand, he holds a set of construction plans and in the other a pair of glasses, a briefcase at his feet. These features accentuate Mr. Harbert’s role as a visionary, as a leader and innovator in the construction industry and as an astute businessman. He is looking outward and upward, symbolic of his forward thinking nature and confidence in the future of Birmingham and our country.
Located at Regions - Harbert Plaza